Vera John Begins Accepting the Notorious Digital Currency, Bitcoin

VeraJohnLogoBack when Bitcoin launched in 2008 under the guise of an anonymous programmer and his/her arsenal of algorithms, few people even realized its potential. Go forward three years, and a single Bitcoin is worth in excess of $1,200 or 2,000 euros. Sure, Bitcoin has wavered off a bit after that grand buzz in the mainstream market has settled down. But its stability is not an indication of its failure. Bitcoin likely has a long and healthy future, and it is companies like Vera John pushing the envelope in its use and implementation.

Vera John has begun to accept Bitcoin in its games. The online casino will allow users to gamble with their Bitcoin, becoming the first major web casino to do so while also accepting other currencies concurrently. Many websites have implemented Bitcoin gambling, but they do so exclusively. The major difference here is that Vera John is embracing Bitcoin while also be open to other currencies. This is an essential difference, because it means that Bitcoin will be regulated and reviewed similar to the euro. This gives it that authenticity many Bitcoin enthusiasts have been seeking.

The future of Bitcoin is not known, and Vera John is hedging their bets to see if the famous currency has legs. This small step will likely mean a lot more for this innovative online casino. Right now, a single Bitcoin is worth 700 euros. This number could change at any minute, for better or worse. But tis fluctuation is part of what makes it so exciting and thought-provoking.